What is Office Coffee Solutions? 


«Cofferica»  is  providers of quality coffee, coffee machines and coffee solutions to offices. Cofferica was founded with one goal in mind: To make bad office coffee a thing of the past. Cofferica Office Coffee Solutions is a one stop coffee station for your office - Espresso Machine or Coffee Brewer, coffee beans, capsules, teas, creamers, sweeteners, syrups, sauces, cups, lids and stir sticks. Enjoy fresh delicious coffee at your convenience. Keep your employees productive and your customers happy. It is all about the experience, we aim to provide you our complete service and catalog. Your choices are diverse and easily customizable. For all kinds of offices, we are your end-to-end coffee solution provider.


What are the benefits Office Coffee Solutions?


  • Coffee increases worker productivity
  • A one stop coffee station serving superior freshly brewed coffee—not instant
  • Further reduces lost work time and keep employees on site
  • Enhances office morale and satisfaction by offering employees an added perk at a low
    cost, loyal employees who will be a little happier
  • Savings to employees rather than buying at coffee chains


What solutions are available?


Filter Coffee Solution 

Our commercial brewers and servers preserve the flavour, aroma, and temperature of coffee for 3-4 hours without a burnt taste. Brewed coffee at its best. Filter coffee machine solutions work out the overall cheapest option for companies taking into account the machine purchase or rental costs as well as the ongoing coffee costs. Industrial filter coffee machines cost around 700 AZN once off or 30 AZN per month on rental. The coffee is also really well priced, averaging at 0,15 AZN per cup, making filter coffee machines the ultimate economical office coffee machine option. Filter coffee machines of course don’t offer cappuccinos, espressos and hot chocolate but if low price is what you are after then filter coffee machines could be the solution for you.
Espresso Based Coffee Solution - Automatic Coffee Machines
From bean to cup, with just one touch, these fully automatic machines make a variety of espresso based drinks- Latte, Cappuccino, Americano. A great value from our high tech efficient machines. Automatic office coffee machines cost anywhere from 1100 AZN – 6 000 AZN depending on which model is selected. Rentals likewise range from 50 AZN per month to 300 AZN per month. The coffee used in automatic coffee machines is beans and cost anywhere between 0,20 AZN- 0,30 AZN per cup making it cheaper than capsule machines to run but more expensive than filter coffee. Automatic coffee machines mean a higher once off or monthly rental cost than capsule coffee machine but running costs are around half the price.

Capsule Based Coffee Solution
Our range of capsules contain premium quality, freshly roasted, 100% Arabica coffee individually selected by our Roastmaster and specially blended to bring you great-tasting coffee. We use next-generation, fully-recyclable plastic capsules which are nitrogen flushed to lock in freshness and extend the life of the capsule. Below our range of capsules:

  • Caffitaly System Capsules
  • Nespresso® Compatible Capsules
  • Nescafe Dolce Gusto® Compatible Capsules
  • Lavazza A Modo Mio® Compatible Capsules
  • Lavazza Blue® Compatible Capsules

Capsule coffee machines are the most ubiquitous coffee machine found in homes today and because some home owners are also company owners, capsule coffee machines are often the first port of call  when it comes to selecting an office coffee machine. Capsule coffee machines are pretty reliable, even when used fairly heavily, and they are still the cheapest coffee machine option you can go for, with prices ranging from 150 AZN – 600 AZN. The problem which most people realize too late is the coffee often lands up costing an astronomical amount when capsules are used in offices. A capsule (or cup of coffee) costs between 0,70 AZN  and 0,80 AZN  which makes the coffee bill add up rather quickly. A standard office of 10 people drinking 2 cups of coffee per day would drink 400 cups of coffee per month which would mean the office would spend at least 140 AZN per month just on coffee – not cheap!


What’s next after choosing your program?


Coffee for your office has never been simpler. Follow the steps below and you’ll be serving your guests and employees with delicious coffee in no time!

STEP 1: Choose a Machine
Tell us about your company’s needs, number of employees and if you prefer brewed coffee or latte and cappuccino. Please complete the form below and we will recommend the perfect machine to suit your needs.
STEP 2: Choose Coffee Beans
Your coffee program (brewed or espresso based) and taste preference determine the coffee beans we will recommend.Choose from our Cofferica signature blends.
STEP 3:  Teas & Gourmet Syrups
Our teas, gourmet syrups, coffee sticks, take away cups, sugar and chocolate sauces are crafted with some of the finest ingredients to be a great addition to your workspace and events. Add a variety of flavours to your beverage menu.


Our Offer

Fresh Roast Coffee. You will always enjoy freshly 100 arabica roasted coffee.

The best equipment and finest beans alone won’t create the perfect cup of office coffee. For that, you’ll need a dedication to have the freshest beans on hand at all times. In just weeks, even the finest coffees can begin to dull and simply aren’t. as vibrant as they were at their peak. To ensure true freshness, all Joyride office coffee deliveries arrive within just days of roasting, adhering to the same cafe standards our roasting partners employ in their cafes.

The best equipment for the best price 

We are providers of coffee machines and coffee solutions to offices, including small offices, corporates. We offer purchase options on all our coffee machines. Our range of coffee mmachines consist of a variety of office coffee machines and coffee vending options including Bravilor filter coffee machines, Saeco Automatic, Delonghi coffee machines and a selection of capsule coffee machines options, represented by brand Caffitaly System. 

Installation & Training 

When installing your coffee machine, our technician will provide you with an in-depth training session, teaching you how to use your coffee machine and get the most out of it. We also regularly create original video content, which we add to our Learning Centre section on our website, where we provide an opportunity for you to learn about the world of coffee and coffee machines. Cofferica’s Warranty - 1 year warranty for parts and labor. 

Maintenance & Technical Assistance 

We believe that customer service is an end-to-end offering, so if you experience any technical issues with your rented coffee machine, feel free to give us a call and we will assist you in every way possible. All rented machines come with free maintenance, to cover you in case of a machine malfunction. If your machine fails to work, we will exchange it with a working one to ensure the least possible amount of downtime. The ability to purchase equipment on Credit, For the convenience of our customers, we have developed an interest-free condition for curing from 1 to 12 months using the «Bir Kart» card.

Rental coffee machines

Renting or buying the right coffee machine for your office can be tricky given the vast number of options available and given the fact that companies are so scared to publish their prices online. It is our mission to first and foremost educate and therefore we have put together this blog post which details all the costs associated with renting or purchasing an office coffee machine. There are a number of coffee systems available for offices so we will try and go through the pricing of each of these systems and by coffee system we machine the machine cost as well as the ongoing coffee cost.


Our valued customers


No matter the size of your office, Cofferica can customize a coffee delivery program to fit your specific needs. With our hyper-local focus and streamlined operations, having world-class coffee in your office doesn’t have to break the bank.
Best beans, best brewers, best service! 

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Total E& Absheron B. V
  • Siemens Company
  • Code Academy
  • FMG Facility Management Group
  • Pasha Travel
  • Itochu
  • Jocap
  • PMD Group
  • KPMG

Thanks for your interest in becoming our partner!

Please fill out the following form which is the first step in contacting your local wholesale sales representative. They’ll follow up with info on equipment, pricing, and support and can answer any questions you may have. We are always searching for fruitful partnerships with likeminded businesses – people that are inspired to serve incredible coffees and experiences. Our wholesale partners are very important to us and we’re committed to helping them grow.

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