Delivery and payment


Cash payment

Cash payment is possible in 3 cases
When ordering a courier in Baku (no extra charge).
When receiving the product from Azerpost (no extra charge).
When you pick up the order yourself

Once you place your order on our site, the operator will contact you to confirm your order, specify the delivery method and timing.

Non-cash payment
You can pay through our bank card (VISA / MasterCard).

Our partners guarantee payment security - Pasha Bank

We deliver your orders to any region of Azerbaijan. Your order will be delivered to Azerpost branch nearest to your area within 2 days, and you will receive the product by paying on-site cash (unless you use online payment). Delivery is free!

Delivery terms:
Delivery is carried out free of charge by courier service to any address within the city of Baku and by mail within 1 day in 62 regions of Azerbaijan:
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