Coffee Tamper Delonghi D.51

Great Espresso must start with a good tamper use.

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Coffee Tamper Delonghi D.51

3,17 AZN -dən başlayan hissə-hissə ödəmə imkanı !!!

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Tamping is the action of press the coffee grounds into a pod of coffee in the filter cup prior to extraction. When you learn to reproduce the right pressure you will get the best possible espresso everytime. The best results are obtained using De'Longhi Calibrated coffee tamper to give the right pressure to ground coffee into the filter. Stainless steel base with natural wood handle 51 mm diameter Suitable for pump espresso machines.

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Country of manufacture Italy
Brand Delonghi
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2 ay 22,50 AZN 45,00 AZN
3 ay 13,00 AZN  45,00 AZN
6 ay 7,50 AZN 45,00 AZN
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18 ay 2,50 AZN 45,00 AZN 


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