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«Cofferica Coffee Roasters» - The Coffee Solutions Provider In Azerbaijan. We are Retailer and Wholesaler of coffee, coffee accessories and coffee equipment for the Home, Hotels, Restaurants and Offices based in Baku, Azerbaijan. We have been providing customers with the best in coffee beans, coffee accessories, espresso machines, coffee brewers and grinders for years and pride ourselves on our outstanding service and quality products.We also offer a range of different services including barista courses and training, catering and servicing. Our mission is to provide superior customer service and premium products at the best price. All of our products are available to view online and our inventory is updated in real time.



Our roastery

With 8  years of experience, in 2020 we opened a new roastery in Baku, Azerbaijan. Careful roasting highlights the character of each coffee and balances all the flavours. We roast fresh-to-order and constantly monitor and adjust to match the perfect profile every time. Time and temperature are critical. It can come down to seconds. Too dark and the character of the coffee can be lost. Too light and the flavours are underdeveloped, sour; we’re leaving behind the coffee’s potential by dropping it from the roaster too soon. We’re a little obsessed– always experimenting and tinkering. Our roasters are passionate about coffee to the point of mild insanity. Which is just how we like it.
You can’t achieve a perfect roast without the right equipment. Our roasting machine, the Probat, is one of the best available in the world and also happens to be the greenest. Made in Germany our emissions are 80% lower than most roasters because our green roaster captures and reuses what others release into the environment. That’s something that’s important to us.
Our goal is to roast consistent, user-friendly coffee, so that brewing is easy and enjoyable. All of our offerings have a specific roast profile that highlights the clarity of flavors within each coffee. During the roasting process, we focus on even development throughout the bean to maximize perceived sweetness, without over-roasting or baking the coffee dry. This style of roasting results in pronounced fruit tones and richness with a juicy finish. Every bag of heart coffee is tagged with a roast date and batch number. The batch # directly relates to a specific roast in our database, which was tested for quality. Any roast batches that do not meet our standards of quality are donated to the local food bank. We do not compromise quality, so that you can enjoy the best we have to offer.



Our coffee

The most important element of our coffee is the bean! And we roast them to perfection. Smooth tasting, with deep flavours and rich textures, our Premium Blends and handroasted Single Origin coffees are sourced direct from farms and producers by our Roastmaster from the best coffee growing regions of the world. Ensuring every bean meets our strict «Cofferica» standard of graded, 100% pure Arabica coffee. To ensure our coffee is absolutely fresh, we only roast to order and our stock is rarely more than four weeks old. This means real quality and extreme freshness Roasted to order, tailored to you, as standard. We have developed close relationships and direct trade arrangements with farmers around
the world. The beans we source are rigorously sampled and tested before being incorporated into to our seasonal blends. Purchasing coffee through the «Cofferica» website gives you the opportunity to try some of the best coffee freshly roasted from around the world.



Workshop and Show-room

We are the exclusive distributor of industry-preferred espresso machines, brewers, coffee beans, syrups, sauces and teas from around the world. Our products are trusted by hotels, chain accounts, restaurants and cafes. In show room presented all brands we distribute in Azerbaijan. We have showroom that includes most of the coffee machines and espresso grinders on display, with demo machines to use. Our experienced staff can help you select equipment
according to your volume, space, price and operational considerations. We offer high end and mid range fully automatic and traditional espresso machines, grinders, brewers while providing nationwide service.
Every Friday at 10 a.m., we stop what we’re doing and taste coffee together. You are invited to join us in this free and open-to-the-public tradition, Tasting at Ten, at our local training center. No coffee experience necessary. Coffees and brewing methods vary. Join us to taste and learn about some exceptional coffees. 
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Store Location:
Address: Gulara Gadirbayova, 8H, Baku, Narimanov, AZ1072
Customer Service:
Mobile: +994 55 460 00 01
Phone: +994 12 489 71 32
Website: www.cofferica.com
E-Mail: sales@cofferica.com
E-Mail: contact@cofferica.com



Home Barista Courses and Professional Barista Training

We also have barista training facilities. Providing home barista and latte art courses. With small professional domestic coffee machines and commercial coffee machines and equipment ready and waiting. The Cofferica training academy is great area to learn all about coffee and hone your coffee skills, whether your a home coffee enthusiast or local business that requires staff training. If your interested in becoming SCA certified please contact us regarding course info and training courses.


History of Cofferica

Сofferica was created in 2019 from our main company «Coffee Planet» Azerbaijan,(Established 2012) During this time Coffee Planet has built close relationships with many Italian, Spanish and German commercial coffee machine manufacturers. Selling commercial coffee units on a regular basis, gave us the idea that people would want high quality gourmet coffee at home (Well, that’s what we wanted). About the same time, some of our commercial coffee
machine manufacturers were also experimenting with 1 group machines with smaller capacity boilers that would be ideal for home use. With this belief we created Cofferica, with the aim to simply offer high quality “Prosumer” coffee machines and coffee for the home.
Since we formed Cofferica has now enjoyed continued success on-line. With an ever expanding range and thankfully a wonderful loyal customer base, we continue to make strides forward. From our humble online beginnings Cofferica now has established a market reputation for high coffee quality machines at the best value. Every order is handled and packaged with loving care to ensure complete satisfaction on the day your goods are received. We want all our customers to benefit and receive great value items with a level of service that only comes from many years of experience. With 8 years of experience, in 2020 we opened a new roastery and training center in the Baku, Azerbaijan and began operations in April to better serve our partners.



Customer Service

We’re focused on you. No matter what your coffee equipment needs are, we’ll help you find the right machine. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee means you can return your machine for a refund. You can breathe easy because we don’t play pricing games. We offer one fair price with free shipping.
- Free Shipping 
- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 
- Easy Returns
As a team, we are a force for good. Voltage Coffee Supply is built on the simple idea that when you offer a quality product at a fair price and take care of your clients, everyone wins. We are coffee-obsessed and focused on helping our clients build their businesses. If you are looking to sell your espresso machine, coffee brewer, grinder, and more we are here to help! We cater to clients both locally and nationwide offering pickups, consultations, expert advice and more. We are an avenue for anyone (owners, managers, baristas, you) to free up space and put your unused product in the hands of people who will give it a second life. We earn your trust by being honest and reliable. Happy customers and partners are the source of our success.
We have numerous teams of Service Technicians located throughout the Azerbaijan in order to respond to call-outs as quickly as possible providing unparalleled service levels. With many years of training and experience, our Service Technicians are capable and equipped to solve most issues on site to get the coffee pouring again, 24 hours a day,7 days a week.


Our Partners

We choose our partners carefully and we’re proud to work with some of the most innovative, most driven people in the coffee world.We choose our partners carefully and we’re proud to work with some of the most innovative, most driven people in the coffee world. Our partners are: Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Caffitaly System, Bravilor Bonamat, Motta Metallurgica, Hario, Saeco, Delonghi, Cunill, Lujo Clean, Probatand others.  We are authorised stockists of the following brands.

We are authorised stockists of the following brands:




Our Customers

«Cofferica» partners with the best cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the country. Our customers are constantly striving to learn more and pushing the potential of coffees.
Sector HoReCa:
Fairmont Hotel 
Naftalan Qashalti Hotel
Espresso Soul 
Landmark Hotel
Golden Coast Hotel
Square İnn Hotel
Four Seasons Hotel
Qafqaz Point Boutique Hotel
Grand Hotel

Sector Offices:
Total E&p Absheron B. V
Siemens Company 
Code Academy 
FMG Facility Management Group 
Pasha Travel 
PMD Group 
Our Dealers:
Bravo Market 
Kontakt Home 
Port Bazar 


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